March 1997 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 4 March with Mr AD Walmsley in the Chair.

Street lighting to garage compound Martins Fields.

No price has yet been received from the contractor for a floodlight to be attached to the recently erected lamp standard.

Trees at the Memorial Playing Field.

Mr Beckett’s offer having lapsed, estimates are to be obtained for the purchase of trees to replace those felled.

Resiting of telephone kiosk at Shawford.

Reported that planning permission will be granted to resite the payphone in the position agreed by interested parties (opposite the Bridge Hotel near the bottom of the station steps).

Parish Project 1997/98 – provision of a bus shelter.

Decided that application for a grant towards the cost of a new timber bus shelter be made to the Winchester District Association of Parish Councils. The bus shelter to be sited at the bus stop in the lay-by on Otterbourne Road and nearly opposite Shepherds Lane Bridge.

Environment Liaison Meeting.

Cllr R Whitaker attended this meeting on 18 February, at Otterbourne Village Hall, at the invitation of Mr PD Briggs, Chairman of Otterbourne Parish Council, to hear a talk by Mr John Collis of Hampshire Waste Services/Integra, Poles Lane. The incinerator chimney will be demolished manually over a period of three or four months starting in May, with a temporary increase in traffic movements, also, that all proper safeguards will be exercised, particularly as regards pollution which will be controlled by the Environment Agency. The material recycling facility (MERF) is now operating at its maximum of 8000 tonnes/year and overspill is being sent to Portsmouth. Concern was expressed at the number of vehicle movements. Integra will supply information on movements which will enable comparison of actual movements with target. A Liaison Group is to be established which will meet at six monthly intervals or as required. Cllr Whitaker will be our representative.

Lease negotiations/pavilion replacement.

In the absence of any feedback from the Sports Club regarding any requests for special provisions to be incorporated in a revised lease, the Parish Council Sub-Committee are to work on outline terms for the parish council’s solicitors to turn into a new formal lease. The architect will be briefed to prepare an improved plan for the new pavilion, with a more attractive exterior and a revised internal layout – based on input from the Sports Club. It was felt that a room in the roof should be retained, if feasible, where the snooker table (donated and in store) could be located together with a table and chairs for committee meetings which would ensure that the room could only be used for quiet activities and might also be usable as a children’s room. Consideration is to be given to a room for table tennis.

Parish Hall Land.

Four Housing Associations have expressed interest. The Council decided to write to commercial developers to assess their interest in developing the site along the lines referenced in the Inspector’s report, so that we can compare options and valuations before taking a final decision.

Refurbishment of the Parish Hall.

Various plans had been considered and discussed but a final decision on the scale of the improvements cannot be taken until the grant situation is clear.

Parish Hall – transfer to a Management Committee.

Agreed to pursue creation of a Management Committee under the auspices of CASCA, as it has the charitable status which would make us eligible for grants for refurbishment of the hall. However, even though the City Council has a statutory obligation to give certain grants – for example, for disabled toilets – there may be delays running into years before such funds are available.

Parish Hall – maintenance.

Electrician instructed to repair defective electrics, and asphalt is to be provided for the entrance door.

White Star Line plates.

Reported that the overall figure raised from the sale of plates was £8430.00 with only five plates left, two for permanent display in the specially made cabinet in the Hall, and three to be kept in the archives.

Annual Litter Pick.

This year, the annual litter pick will be on Sunday 27 April. This is our chance to tidy up the village before the summer, taking advantage of refuse sacks provided by the City Council. If you are willing to help by picking litter in your part of the village we hope to have sacks available to hand out at the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 22 April.