February 1996 Parish Hall Centenary Committee Meeting



Jean Millar (Chairman) Joy Clarke
Jean Ferrington (Secretary) Vanessa Smith
Pat Middleton Ray Wilmshurst
Anne Weaver Peter Moll
Daisy Warne Harry Pilbeam
Daphne Meller Eric Caldwell
Mary Davis Adrian Walmsley
Joan Brice Nick Campbell-White
Monty Dawson (Apology)

The Chairman opened the meeting. She advised members that Ray Wilmshurst was retiring from the Committee, but would be helping with the photographs and pictures for displays, together with his wife. Jean N. thanked him for hosting the first meeting. Tom Threlfall would also help with photographs. Simone Farrar was resigning also, offering her help with organising nearer the date. Ray was standing in for Monty Dawson (Horticultural Scty).

Pat agreed to liaise with the Entertainment groups i.e. Old Tyme Music Hall, Musical Evening etc., and will help in making sure the right people are meeting with the right groups. Pat also agreed to contact Janet West regarding Old Tyme Music Hall, following questions from Members, as to whether participation (i.e. skits from various groups) be included or not.

Pat and Jean F. mentioned that feed-back from the Community, seemed to be that December was too busy a time for people to attend many of the events. They wondered if some events could be held over until January. Anne agreed and asked if the Committee could perhaps organise the Opening Function on the 6th December, to mark the actual Centenary and leave other events until January. Harry mentioned that the Pantomime and Children’s Party/Disco events must be on a Saturday evening and the Pantomime would require the use of the Village Hall for 3 days beforehand to rehearse, organise stage settings, scenery, seating plans etc., and perhaps the Pantomime could be staged for two or three nights. The Chairman requested Harry to report back, suggesting the 14th and 5th January. Harry mentioned that Sandy Radford would be doing the leg work etc. for the Pantomime. Peter thought Harry should perhaps contact the Heathcote Players to see if they would be interested in helping with the Pantomime and/or the Old Tyme Music Hall. Harry said he would contact Sara and Stephen Miller.

Pat said she would contact Paul Murray again, as he was interested in helping, but not during December. Following a discussion on this matter, it was agreed to carry on with most events in December and the Pantomime and Old Tyme Music Hall to be held in January.

Eric said he had contacted Terry Wilson regarding the Quiz and Terry had agreed to organise a general Quiz – the Horticultural Society would not be involved. Date not confirmed, but Eric promised to contact the Secretary when he had spoken again to Terry, Saturday 7th December suggested.

Jean F. asked if the Bridge event could be on the evening of the 10th December, as more people could attend. The Whist would take place in the afternoon. This was agreed and Anne thought the Compton Reeves W.I. would organise the tea for the Whist afternoon and help with the Bridge Supper, when numbers were known.

Joan Brice offered to extend the Compton & Shawford W.I. Christmas Party, inviting two representatives from groups in the Village and this was accepted. Joy Clarke (Over 55’s Social Club) offered their help to Joan.

The Centenary Party to be organised this year by the Parish Council -Peter Moll will organise the Wine etc., and Compton & Shawford W.I. offered to help by including Tea & Coffee, which Peter thought was a good idea.

Jean M. said she had been in touch with Jean Davidson (Chairman –

Fellowship Committee) and Peter Davies (Ecumenical Study) and both had agreed to help if required, with the Church Service, followed by coffee or lunch.

The Chairman asked Eric to organise Cabinets etc., for housing expensive articles, books etc., and Eric said he had already contacted David Stockwell of the Sparsholt Parish Council, regarding Boards etc., for exhibiting pictures. Jean M. also mentioned that the Parish Council Minutes would be on display, earlier ones were hand written in a book and would require to be typed. Mary said she would help type these in large type for easy reading.

Six-a-Side Football again mentioned and Joan said she would check with her Son-in-law about this.

Ray agreed to contact the School Headmistress to see if the children would like to contribute a project for the Centenary.

The Chairman hoped the Orchids Society and Spinners, Weavers & Dyers would take part on their normal Hall dates, but this would have to be confirmed.

She also mentioned that floral arrangements from various Floral groups have been offered. They would be nice to have around the Hall for the first Party, this to be agreed upon nearer the date.

Second Centenary Party to be left in abeyance at present.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 2nd April at 8pm, in the Small Village Hall.


Fri. 6th Dec. Exhibitions Items to be put up in Hall
Fri. 6th Centenary Party by Parish Council
Sat. 7th Spinners, Weavers & Dyers. (Normal booking l0am – 11pm).
Sat. 7th Quiz Evening 8pm (Terry Wilson to organise)
Sun. 8th Sunday Service in the Church, followed by Coffee or Lunch at the Village Hall
Mon 9th Choir Evening and Brass Band Display
Tue. 10th Whist l.30pm – 5pm with Tea
Tue. 10th Bridge 7pm – 11pm with Supper
Wed 11th Compton & Shawford W.I. 11am – 5pm (Normal booking)
Tea Party.
Thur 12th Winchester Flower Arranging Society. (Normal booking 9.30am – 14.30pm).
Sat. 4th Orchids Society. (Normal booking).
Sat. 4th Children’s Party/Disco. (Mark Heagan to organise).
Sat. 4th Jan Pantomime.
Sun. 5th Pantomime.
Sat. 11th Old Tyme Music Hall.

Please bring Minutes with you to next Meeting, in lieu of Agenda.