November 1998 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 3rd November with Mr N J Campbell-White (Vice-Chairman) in the Chair.

Resignation of Mr W J West.

Following his moving house out of the parish, Mr West submitted his resignation on 14 October, which was received with regret. A letter of appreciation of his past services was sent by the Chairman.

County Councillors’ Report.

Mrs Bailey reported that a planning application for a new office building at Hampshire Waste Services premises in Poles Lane will be submitted if the application to build a new Materials Recycling Facility at Nursling is granted. The Trading Standards Officer has confiscated a large number of fireworks which are no longer legal. The Countryside Commission have submitted a report to the Government which suggests that all public Rights of Way should become Byways Open To All Traffic. Mrs Bailey also reported that a members panel will be set up to monitor the extensions to Shepherds Down School when the reorganisation commences.

District Councillor’s Report.

Mrs Campbell-White reported that WCC had commissioned external consultants to undertake a “leisure feasibility study” of Bushfield Camp and surrounding area, but with the proviso it contained a Park-and-Ride scheme. Although not yet published, she understands the report is positive and can justify all weather and ordinary pitches, other sports facilities and a nature park. She considers park-and-ride on Bushfield Camp to be wrongly sited, although needed somewhere south of Winchester. Chairman to write Chief Executive, WCC, regarding, yet again, lack of consultation with the Parish Council over the future of Bushfield. She reported on the retrospective planning application by Mr Venn for construction of a grain drier with elevator pit and reception hopper with associated landscaping on land at Silkstead Farm, and indicated support for the Parish Council’s proposed comments.

Aircraft Noise.

Nothing reported regarding a meeting with Mr Colin Hobbs, Managing Director, Southampton International Airport. Cllr Campbell-White to make enquiries of Group Captain Dawson and Captain Tice.

Parish Millennium Celebrations.

Letter to be sent to all local organisations. Following the meeting held in August, it is planned to hold a further meeting in January.

SUSTRANS cycle route through Shawford.

A report on the meeting with interested parties on 14 October revealed that the Parish Council would be happy to approve the SUSTRANS main route and option one through Shawford and down to Otterbourne, provided local objectors’ problems have been satisfied, in particular those of the Malms and adjacent farmers.

Parish Hall development site for housing.

Site works and foundations in progress and construction of the retaining wall bordering our car park is to commence in mid-November.

New Pavilion.

The architect’s revised plans were displayed showing amendments, principally elevation changes, and with omission of the clock tower and the Petanque court, also, provision of three disabled parking bays. A report of the New Pavilion Sub-Committee, dated 30th October, was unanimously adopted, which included the resolution that the Parish Council will contribute £88,000 towards the new pavilion project, as it stands.

Public Transport

Minutes of the Public Transport Forum, held 9th September, stated that Hampshire County Council are seeking to retender for the route between Winchester and Compton and Shawford and that a consultant has been asked to consider solutions to the complaints regarding the poor service to the villages. Also, the lack of a bus timetable at the stop outside Compton Post Office.

Request for a bus shelter.

The Parish Council is to consider the request of a parishioner for a bus shelter to be provided on the east side of Otterboume Road near the junction with Southdown Road

DWH Richman
Parish Clerk
November 1998